Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why can't I remember

to log out of my old account before I post at other people blogs??? grrr.  The only reason I moved to this new one was so I could do crafty stuff at the old address and not have my "profile" open to the  people who read my work blog.  and then I just can't remember to "log out" before heading off to my fun stuff.....

anyway, it's been a busy weekend, lot's of family stuff, birthday parties and run/walk events.  I will update a little later on those things...once I find my camera again and get photos loaded.  The family leaves later today so I will have time after that.

Such a nice weekend we are having in the weather department.  Stormy on Thursday/Friday, but Saturday and today are perfect!

Ok, chat later.

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Carolyn said...

dwag - contact will be made sometime today. this message will now explode in 30 seconds......hee hee cdon