Saturday, July 5, 2008

What to do on the 4th....and what NOT to do

The boys ran a race on the 4th, Quin ran the mile and Nick the 5K.  Nick finished 15th overall, second in his age class.  Quin, we are not sure, they didn't have the results ready when we left.
So, later in the day we decide to take a bike ride into town to the Dairy Queen, a 10 mile one way trip mind you, and Nick takes a digger about a mile from the house.  So, back to the house we go to fix him up.
Our night ends with us sitting in the back of the truck watching the fireworks on the edge of town with popcorn and a cooler full of drinks.
The day didn't go exactly as planned, but it didn't end with a trip to the emergency room!


Carolyn said...

Ok, I will make the new link, after this post. wink
Loving the photos from the trip, I see a theme starting, dams & booze. hee hee only kidding!
Nasty spill "N" has there on his elbow, and is he related to my "S", because she try to pull herself on the side of the built in pool yesterday, and caught her chin on cement, and has a wound, there now. Like you happy it wasn't a trip to the ER involved. ah! It does look like everyone had a wonderful ending to the 4th, that's good to here. Pretty much how it was here too. I believe today here, involves boating, but I am slowly moving at the moment.

Jeanne said...

More great shots from your trip! Love the new header too! Ouch that looks painful but from the pic of the three of you he looks none the worse for it. Pretty fireworks. I tried my hand at them this year. First for me.

Jayne said...

Great shots .... and sounds like the vaca was a hit!!!

Ouchie! That is some big wound your Nick has! Hope it heals fast.

Nancy said...

Ouch what an owie!!! Love the vac pitures!!

Jen said...

Yikes! That elbow looks like it hurts!! Love the pics - that fireworks one turned out awesome!! Sounds like a fun day - well, for everyone except Nick, anyways... Hope it heals quickly for him.

Rita said...

OUCH! Poor Nick...hope he's healing well!

Sounds like the rest of the day was lots of fun!