Thursday, July 24, 2008

more things from show

Ok, so this is just a bag...but how cool is that?  It's just CUTE!  It's big too, like grocery size.....which, I think, is what I will be using it for.
This is the project from my PRIMA class with "Fire and Ice" Michelle Van Etten and Trisha Ladouceur...they designed the "Build a Book" albums.  Very cool concept.   
My business card.  Isn't it cute...designed it myself at Vista Print (for a whole lot less).   All three of us had the same design.

Ok, so that is a lame set of photos, but these are some of those little behind the scenes things that I enjoyed.  I am still waiting on the ones from someone else's camera.....scary


Nancy said...

They are not lame!!! The business card is very cute, you did a great job on it. As for the bag it is a cutie also, I have a collection of them lately for my groceries. I have been getting most of the new ones, but now the problem is to remember to take them to the store. I'm sure you will find many uses for your adorable bag.

Carolyn said...

Aren't you up a bit early today! A little excited for tonight's excitement? Eau Claire is going to be the happening spot tonight! I would be there if it wasn't for that darn lake we have between us.
Oh, and keep sharing photos, it's making up for the ones I didn't take. LOL

Shalini said...

Do you have two of those bags :D
Its very cute and so is the card you designed... there's no way you can call these pictures lame. You might not realize it but this is our window to CHA, so thank you for sharing...