Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last run

The Q-man had his last run tonight.  This is his take-off in the 1600.  I was running the timing table, so I got an up close photo...and that was it after that...I was in charge of the timing afterall...can't be taking photos and pushing the button at the same time!  I believe he came in 5th in this one.  I was in charge of first place finisher, so I am only sure of the guy who crossed first.

Track night

The CITY track meet.  All four schools in the EC area competed.
Two D1 schools and two D3 schools
The 3200 team
(blurry again)

now that's what we call DRAFTING...really

The photos are a little out of order....the bottom one is from early on in the race, probably the first two-three laps and then after that the boys in green took over the lead.  Actually, the last four guys in the bottom photo, that is the finish order. Brian, Nick, other kid and Dave.

Nick had a personal best time of 10:45...our school record for a freshman is 10:26....he's working on it (four more races).  The all time school record is 9:55....Brian is working on that one.  That 9:55 record happens to be held by Nick's Uncle Joel.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Running some more

Pix from last week......Here is Nick running the 3200 relay..he normally doesn't run a relay but this was a special meet where everything was scored as part of a relay...including the shot put!  This run happened to be on his birthday.  
Quin preparing for his middle school race. I video taped the whole race so these are the only photos that I have for this one.
Tuesday nights run.  This is pretty much the way the race started and finished only the runner in front was farther ahead at the very end.  Go Brian...he's trying for the school record and he's getting close. Nick is the third runner. Nick is trying to pass the Freshman record in the 3200 too and he is getting close as well.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's raining men

So, how many guys DOES it take to put 20 bricks back into my sidewalk?
There are MEN EVERYWHERE....literally.  I had 6 pieces of construction equipment parked in my front yard last night when I got home from track. This morning at 6:45am they started showing up and turning them on and tearing apart the ditches to put in our new fiber optic lines for the phone/internet/tv combo.  YAY! and BOOO, because hubby had just gotten home from work and was attempting to sleep.  Anyway, around 8am they ripped through my sidewalk and driveway and were in the process of putting it all back together again when I snapped this picture.  It's not warm enough yet for them to be working without their shirts...and a few of them look like they would be worthy of looking....

We are also in the middle of farming and we have guys all over with tractors and fertilizers and corn and beans and.....well........more men.

Around 3pm today I will have yet another man in my house (besides my hubby) to fix my stove and microwave.  My brand new, less than 5 month old, microwave does everything but heat....this is kinda important, heat I the company is "fixing it". Seems to me a new microwave would actually be cheaper...the service guy even said so...but, whatever. So "service guy" is going to fix my new microwave and do a little fixing on my old stove (7 years old).  I have been without a microwave and stove for almost 3 weeks.  I am sitting on a ton of chocolate chips that need to made into cookies!!!  Plus the rhubarb is ready to be plucked and made into Rhubarb Crisp....yum!

Hopefully after today my world will be just down to the three men in my normal life and things will be as usual.

Speaking of the other men in my world.....Quin has been running the mile, 800 and 400 in track an enjoying it.  He hasn't been happy with his times but he has improved his times every single race.  He has another meet tomorrow night.  Nick ran a personal best last Friday beating his own record by 20 seconds!  He is now running the 3200 in under 11 minutes and placing in the top 5 usually.  And last, but not least, hubby is enjoying the new job....just not this