Saturday, October 13, 2007

A good day for FOOTBALL

So we had the most perfect day for football..not too chilly, not too hot. And they finally won a game. The sun was shining on the team today! The boys got down and dirty too. This is the Q man after that last play of the game. He got to play quite a bit in this one so he was pretty happy. Three games to go with a big one coming up in a week. Should be fun as long as the weather doesn't get too wacky!

Football 07

The end of the season is almost here and they are on a winning streak. Three wins in a row and one to go. They had the big game on the turf and under the lights Monday night and played an awesome game. We had a little photo session before the game on Saturday. What a tough guy.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Running in more ways than one....

Cross Country last night. N had quite the challenge on this one. The weather was fabulous, but warm, muggy and buggy too. A lot of the varsity runners were looking rather hagard by the end of this trail. N took off and had the lead from the start and never let go. The trail itself was rather stupid (to put it nicely!) Toward the end of the trail the path doubled back and then criss crossed itself. With the lead vehicle in front of N he blazed the trail rather easily, but then they started lapping people and the poor kids who were getting lapped didn't know what to do and got in N's way. Then they came to the criss cross part and N had to almost stop for runner traffic...the golf cart pulled to a stop off the track and then N ran right past but almost got smacked into by the runners. The photo is of N after he had just gotten through that mess! The golf cart then tried to catch up to him and, well, that just never happened...LOL The course was 1.9 miles and his time was 11:50.
In other running news, that is all I seem to be my work, to pick up a kid, dr's appt, shopping..whatever. I think I put 65 miles on my car Tuesday alone! Yesterday was almost 100. I am glad the week is coming to an end.
Have a crafty day

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sports scene....or lack there of

Whew! That was actually a long weekend. Q had his football game and they got crushed. The other team had some HUGE players. Still a good game, they didn't give up without a fight. N's run didn't happen on Thursday. We drove all the way up to the run site (a golf course over an hour away) and watched the high school run, but they cancelled the middle school run.....grrrrr! Nothing like driving almost 3 hours for nothing! The drive was quite pretty though. The sky was partly cloudy with those puffy grey bottomed clouds....which held lightening and rain. This is what cancelled the run. It is too bad, because just about the moment N was going to run, a rainbow could be seen just above the line the kids were going to take off from, and the trees were lit up like fire with the sun shining on them. Would have made and AWESOME photo. Oh well, another one of those "the one that got away" moments.

Since it rained the entire weekend we did a lot of TV watching and house cleaning. I got the all the thrift sale stuff from my basement sorted and priced. I tackled the closet later in the weekend and I am just about ready to sort through my craft stuff to purge a few "older" things.

I am currently on book 8 of 13 in the Janet E saga. I had to skip 7 because it was not available at the I will have to do a little backtracking in the story.