Friday, October 5, 2007

Running in more ways than one....

Cross Country last night. N had quite the challenge on this one. The weather was fabulous, but warm, muggy and buggy too. A lot of the varsity runners were looking rather hagard by the end of this trail. N took off and had the lead from the start and never let go. The trail itself was rather stupid (to put it nicely!) Toward the end of the trail the path doubled back and then criss crossed itself. With the lead vehicle in front of N he blazed the trail rather easily, but then they started lapping people and the poor kids who were getting lapped didn't know what to do and got in N's way. Then they came to the criss cross part and N had to almost stop for runner traffic...the golf cart pulled to a stop off the track and then N ran right past but almost got smacked into by the runners. The photo is of N after he had just gotten through that mess! The golf cart then tried to catch up to him and, well, that just never happened...LOL The course was 1.9 miles and his time was 11:50.
In other running news, that is all I seem to be my work, to pick up a kid, dr's appt, shopping..whatever. I think I put 65 miles on my car Tuesday alone! Yesterday was almost 100. I am glad the week is coming to an end.
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