Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life is a blur

Constant running...working...cooking....you name it.

Anyway.  See my boy run.  He is the green blur.  It is difficult to get a good photo inside a building while the subject is running.  It is difficult for me to get one outside for that matter.  I guess I suck at action sports photo taking.  So, my boy finished 4th overall in the mile at Friday's meet in Wisconsin Rapids with a time of 5:20.  Tonight he finished 3rd overall in the 3200 (two mile) with a time of 11:19.  They ran at the U in town tonight thank goodness!  Friday they ran in Wisc Rapids and our drive home was in a blizzard....not fun.  Remember I was debating making the drive last week....well, we went, the whole family.  The drive down was nice...very nice.  Other than that is sucked.  Not to mention we got home at 1am from that meet.  Still, it is nice to have these meets be indoor ones....because the weather is unpredictable to say the least.  Blizzard Friday, sleet/rain today.  I think it will be sunny tomorrow....or not.  Gotta run, sleep is calling.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

POST 101

Actually it is more than that, but since I moved over from one blog to this one, I had to start over.

Well, anyway....life goes on as usual.  Kids go to school, hubby goes to work (the new job) and I am working....and working.  Work is good.  I get to create while working, but there is actual work work to do to.  And hey, I get paid at the end of the day, so that is great!  More goodies for me to buy.

My birthday was this past Monday and we celebrated most of the last weekend because we didn't know how this week was going to go with hubby starting his new job and it being a night shift thing.  But he is still working days until he learns more stuff....yay.  One perk that I have not enjoyed YET is the Nestle' store.  He brought home some goodies after work one day but I need to get signed up to shop in there...mmmmmm, chocolate!  He brought home a bunch of Butterfinger stuff, who knew they made Butterfinger Hot Chocolate? Wild.  So, anyway, that will be on my agenda for next week....getting registered as a "spouse".  I can't wait to see what all is available to purchase (at cheap prices).

The oldest is driving and started track.  They actually have a meet already next Friday, but only a limited amount of kids are being taken (14).....guess who's kid is going....mine!  I haven't decided if I am making the TWO HOUR drive to go see him run for 15 minutes! Maybe I will let the weather decide. Thank goodness the meet is an indoor one.....it was 10 degrees here yesterday.  The morning temp when we woke up was -10.

The high for today is supposed to be almost 50!  Michigan girls prepare for nice weather (at least cross your fingers it gets to you all). 

Well, off to work I go.  I have to meet Miss Annette for breakfast before we head into the "office" for the day....lol

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blogland is missing me?

Probably not.  Since I am busy with the other two blogs that I take care of for the store, my Facebook account and just life in general...there isn't enough time in a day for all my little pet projects.

Today is a "day off" of sorts.  I sit here working on my "work" blog and will soon be stuffing Doggie Bags with all our little leftovers from store projects.  So, a "work at home" day.  My hope is to get some ACTUAL crafting done too....but the sun is shining and the temps are rising (only to about 30, but that is a major heat wave for us).

So, to play catch-up for those who wonder....

Hubby is off this week as well with a little stretch of time between leaving his previous job and starting his new one. Scary times to be making this move, but it was the right move to make due to the economy.

MY oldest is now a driver...that is more scary than the economy!  He's a pretty good driver, but putting him on the road with all of us in the vehicle is still a scary event.

The kids begin their TRACK season next week as well.  We have snow on the ground so that should be interesting!

The evil snuggie is still in my house.  I even packed one of them up and sent it to my BIL (the one who sent them to us)....and he sent it back two weeks later.....a plot to get him back is in the works...

I finally have my Wii FIT and am loving it.  We are really enjoying it a lot.....even when it gives us criticism (which is often!)  I even achieved perfect balance on Saturday after using it for just 29 days.  Not bad.  In other Wii related news....The Redneck Jamboree game is a little disappointing, not as much fun as we thought it might be.  NASCAR kart racing is entertaining (so say the boys anyway) and Chicken Shoot is a good one if you like a target practice, arcade style shooting game.  

Ok, enough for now.  I think my dryer just 'dinged'