Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life is a blur

Constant running...working...cooking....you name it.

Anyway.  See my boy run.  He is the green blur.  It is difficult to get a good photo inside a building while the subject is running.  It is difficult for me to get one outside for that matter.  I guess I suck at action sports photo taking.  So, my boy finished 4th overall in the mile at Friday's meet in Wisconsin Rapids with a time of 5:20.  Tonight he finished 3rd overall in the 3200 (two mile) with a time of 11:19.  They ran at the U in town tonight thank goodness!  Friday they ran in Wisc Rapids and our drive home was in a blizzard....not fun.  Remember I was debating making the drive last week....well, we went, the whole family.  The drive down was nice...very nice.  Other than that is sucked.  Not to mention we got home at 1am from that meet.  Still, it is nice to have these meets be indoor ones....because the weather is unpredictable to say the least.  Blizzard Friday, sleet/rain today.  I think it will be sunny tomorrow....or not.  Gotta run, sleep is calling.


Jeanne said...

What a great shot to illustrate life for you these days Dawn.

Jayne said...

Very cool title, it's perfect for your photo and your busy life!

Nancy said...

cool shot!!! seems like everyone has been busy, busy and now with the warmer weather lets ad yard work to the list

Carolyn said...

Because he is just too darn fast to get a still picture. LOL See I had the answer, it wasn't your fault.

As for action shots, set to the Action setting, and click many shoots, one right after another, say 4-5 shots. I can't promise you much, because I am no expert. LOL

Hope all is well with ya, next week we should chat, I am off work all week. Spring break here, finally.

Wei-Wei's Babies Vinyl said...

I have never seen an indoor track meet before! Cool! He's just so fast, he's a blur, it's not your camera, lol!