Thursday, May 14, 2009

Track night

The CITY track meet.  All four schools in the EC area competed.
Two D1 schools and two D3 schools
The 3200 team
(blurry again)

now that's what we call DRAFTING...really

The photos are a little out of order....the bottom one is from early on in the race, probably the first two-three laps and then after that the boys in green took over the lead.  Actually, the last four guys in the bottom photo, that is the finish order. Brian, Nick, other kid and Dave.

Nick had a personal best time of 10:45...our school record for a freshman is 10:26....he's working on it (four more races).  The all time school record is 9:55....Brian is working on that one.  That 9:55 record happens to be held by Nick's Uncle Joel.


Carolyn said...

Go Nick!! And Quinn (below post about running) Shoot, you must've posted all these photos overnight. LOL I swear I checked and it was still the goody post.

It sounds like the boys running is going well. You know it's the busy time of the year here, as I'm sure it is for you too. But, I am counting down the days until that last one. I need a vacation. LOL

Shalini said...

It fun to hear Q-mans stories through you... moms perspective!
nice pictures