Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More pix from the show

This is my T!M haul  from class.....I forgot about the stamps (how could I forget those!!) Glossy Accents, a white pen (this pen is AWESOME!!!!), the foam thingy (which has a name I can't remember), a stamper and the scraper...the project itself was not highly exciting but it has all the techniques on one ring with the instructions right on the easy is that to display at the store with the product!!
My badge's kinda like wearing art.  I got many more button this year than fun!  We got a cute pink and chocolate lanyard from DCWV to attach our badges to and then you go around and collect the buttons and things from the booths.  I have one blinky one, a rubber one, a fabric one and the rest are the regular kind...but cute!  I also stood in line for about 25 minutes for a pink and chocolate bag from PROVO CRAFT.....what was I thinking....but you did get a tag with a number on it, and if you found your number match, you won another matches for me though.  Oh, and the upside-down blue T-shirt in the background is from PAZZLES, I had to beg for that one!

And a THANK YOU to CAROLYN for her award to me (and others on her blog)

I learned about a new scrapblog while at CHA called...get this...SCRAPBLOG.  I decided to check it out and made myself a little page. (which is below I think)  It is basically digital scrapbooking without loading things onto your computer, it's kinda fun  and pretty easy to play with.


Carolyn said...

trying to get the scrapblog to view on your blog, but it isn't doing anything, but trying to load.

looking at all those buttons! buttons, buttons who has some buttons? LOL

Mary Jo said...

CHA looks like so much fun!! :0)

Nancy said...

Lots of goodies!!!!! That is so cool that you received so much, the buttons are also cute.