Monday, July 28, 2008


More CHA stuff.   I told you in an earlier post about all the scissors I got my hands on....FISKARS was very generous with the scissors this year.  Last you could get a pair of scissor engraved with your name (or whatever you wanted) on the blades.  This year they gave you a chance at THREE pairs of scissors...all signed by designers (their designers) and engraved with the product name on it.

The Blue/green set is from INK by Steph.  Don't you just love her handwriting?  The tag is awesome too!

The Green glittery set is from 'Lil Davis and signed by the designers on a tag using their products.  Cute Halloween papers. You probably can't see the glitter in the handles on these scissors, but trust me, they are there.

The other set of scissors available, if you were willing to stand in line for them was from Heidi Grace.  I was busy doing something else during this one, but I think a PAL of mine might have gotten a set!!

By the way, I have added a link to the side bar for my "CRAFTING" blog (which just happens to be my old blog ....I couldn't give that one So all my crafty stuff will be there now, unless I have nothing to say here, then you will see stuff in this blog.


Carolyn said...

dear you missed Cloud 9 & Heidi Grace scissors, where were you?

Nancy said...

The scissors look nice and comfy, please keep the reviews coming.

Rita said...

Cool scissors. CHA sounds like so much fun!