Friday, July 25, 2008

I got to hang out with MISS TINA

at our PRIMA event last night!   We had such a good time, lots of fun, prizes and M&M's!

I am just sad we didn't get a photo together....I guess she will just have to come visit again!
I was so exhausted after last night I slept in I have a Scrap 'til midnight to work tonight......less sleep again....oh well, those are fun to work.

Plus, my pal CAROLYN is having a little giveaway on her bloggie because she won a ton of stuff at CHA last weekend and she needs to weed her winnings.....of course, her sister won even more stuff....lucky family!!!


Carolyn said...

I know you gals had way too much fun! and thanks for the mention about the giveaway, sharing is good!

Rita said...

How fun to hang out with Tina -- she's a sweetie!