Monday, July 7, 2008

What I won't do... and other things

 Put on a silly hat....just for work....OK, so I actually did this...obviously.  I needed to post this at the "store" blog  for an example of what we are doing today at the store to jump start our A*MUSE A*PALOOZA event.  What we won't do.....
Here is Mr. Quin in the "SADDLE" at TEXAS ROADHOUSE on his birthday last week.  We got a genuine smile out of him this time!


Jeanne said...

Hey if I was a young guy and there were two cute girls standing there with me I'd be smiling too. hehe. That looks like such a cool place, I remember your birthday pics there. Hey Dawn you guys should come east for vaca. You'd love Vermont! There's even a scrap store.

Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday Quin! Sending ya lots of birthday wishes.

Love the hat! I believe you must pack that one. I need some cute photos for my blog in review this year. hee hee

To the Glow - oh I can let you wear my dancing guy, wait maybe the hello kitty, would look cute with it. hee hee