Monday, July 28, 2008

Showgirl or Big Bird?

For reason's unknown to all, when you are at CHA, you can dress and act like a fool.....I didn't act like a fool (a least I don't remember doing but I did "dress the fool" while out and about on the show floor.  People hand you buttons, lanyards, blinky things, feathers for your hair, ribbons (see the green thing in my hair...that was wrapped around the "SLICE"  apron from Making Memories.....whatever....I put it on and wore it too.....Look at me grinning like a fool in all these photos!
Here is a PIX with Stephenie (AKA Fiskateer a LEGEND) CHA in the FISKARS booth....note the big yellow feather in my hair....when in Rome I guess....OOPS,  the photos are out of order....but I am leaving them.....this is the first day with STEPHANIE from  INK by Steph....also a FISKARS scissors, free photo, signed piece of art too....not looking as dorky in this photo....but I am sure you agree day two is much more dorky....and day three I am sporting the "LOVE MACHINE" T-shirt.......hahaha
Showgirl me with the Designers from Lil' Davis.....could not tell you there names....but, again, free scissors, free photo and a signed piece of art (but Steph's was much cooler because it used her product and her handwriting was amazing.....)


Mary Jo said...

Cha really does seem like a lot of fun!
And your pole dancing photo just proves it :0)

Carolyn said...

I think you need to get a professional photo done with that yellow feather in your hair. It can become your signature look. wink!

Jeanne said...

Dawn it looks like you really embraced the experience and that's just awesome! Good for you!

Nancy said...

cute cute cute pictures!!

Rita said...

I love the feathers in the hair look -- it suits you! ;)

So glad you embraced the opportunity to have some fun!