Sunday, July 6, 2008

More 4th photos

I seem to be in a PHOTO POSTING mood.  
This is from the local fireworks.

These are shot off the ground and are some of my favorites
The kids acting "normal"


Rita said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG HEADER!!!! (so sorry about the flip flop...LOL!)

Love the "normal" photo of the boys! That's the norm around here too! LOL

Rita said...

Forgot to say -- what gorgeous firework photos! Two thumbs up!! :)

Carolyn said...

Hey you got firework camera was left in the trunk of the car..oops!
But, Sarah & I are now worshippers of the Glow...details coming soon. LOL
"Q" & "N" looks like they were having a blast! But they needed the glow.

Nancy said...

cute cute hat.....great photos!! looks like the vacation was fun and filled wih beautiful scenery. Tell Quin happy belated birthday.