Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random things

there is no such thing as a random thought right?  those how my thoughts work anyway...whatever, where ever.

I have a picture of my triplets....I have been trying to get a photo of them together but they are too darn fast.  This is as good as it gets.  That's Runt on the top of the photo and Squeeker on the left, leaving Shorty (short for Short Round from Indiana Jones) on the right.

Details of CHA. Since a lot of you live vicariously through people who go, I will give you a typical day.

6am: wake and get showered and dressed while sharing room with two other women.  Attempt to make a breakfast out of whatever we have in room because food in restaurant is REALLY REALLY expensive!
8:40am: head to elevator and hope the wait isn't too long....because the wait at Starbucks will be longer.
8:45am: wait at Starbucks (this is where me and my companions part ways, since I am NOT a coffee drinker)
9am: make my way to show floor...this is around 800 steps in case you wondered how far we start the fun.

So from this point you do a lot of walking, looking at all the new goodies, new companies and try to get catalogs from all the vendors.  IF you are really schmoozy you can manage a free T-Shirt or two out of them.  Of course, you are always on the lookout for the shortest line for a make & take on the show room floor too, because we all want samples.  I must say, Sunday was the easiest day to get samples done quickly, most people have left the show and are returning home.  I think I did the majority of my "makin" on Sunday morning.  I will have to post the photos of those later, i still haven't unpacked all of that.  Somewhere in this mad rush you manage to find the time to choke down something that resembles food (in my case nachos) and keep trucking. Run into people you know along the way, chat, watch them win prizes right in front of your eyes, keep on trucking....

5pm: head back to the hotel because they have officially kicked your butt out.  Walk the additional 800 steps back to the elevator where and ocean of people are trying to cram into 4 little glass tubes....I found this to be very funny, but being on the 9th floor, I was not willing to walk (until Saturday, I just couldn't wait forever to get up it's good exercise!)
5:25pm: hopefully you've made it to the room by then because now you have to unload all the magazines and catalogs and samples you just aquired and now you need to sit down and think about what the next days purchases are going to be....the new companies, the ones with the best show specials...or the prettiest papers with "WOW" factor....or all of the
7:35: sick of looking at catalogs and circling things you realize REAL food is needed.  Change clothes, freshen up and head for parking garage...500 steps more....get in car, try to remember how the guy said to put ticket in slot and leave....bye bye Mr Ticket Dude (same guy the entire visit...I don't think he left) see you when we return.
8pm: find restaurant without a line and order real and return to hotel (or go shopping, whatever works)
9:20pm back in room, Ticket Dude is laughing at me again because the ticket thingy doesn't work for me I guess...he always has to help me.
9:25: we get our "bar" out and mix up some cocktails to get us through the rest of the evenings work.
10:40: Realize we have t do this again tomorrow and decide sleep is needed.
11:15 brush teeth, unclip pedometer (see the number...16,861....!) and decide you definitely got ENOUGH exercise today!...sleep

Hubby comes home today...after a lovely visit to Biloxi for work.  He is leaving just in time I guess, the forecast for the next week is ridiculous!...temps of 95-100 with a heat index of 115....and humid.....yucky.

I was inspired to do some crafting when I returned, but I was so backlogged with things to finish for the store that all my attention was focused on that....but I made somewhere around 25 pages for the "Pages 4 Sale" basket!

OK, I had some more thoughts but apparently I have forgotten that is all today....must get to work on a card kit...

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Rita said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading that! LOL

And your kitties are so darn cute!