Thursday, September 18, 2008

WARNING... Obscene photo

I picked this little tomato from the garden yesterday.... well, it's not so little either, it's bigger than a softball and probably weights over a pound.  But, when I picked it off the vine and went to place it in my basket I noticed this little protrusion.... kinda funny... had to share. I will be so sad when the frost comes and takes my little vine of fresh tomatoes away.

Does anyone like soybeans?  I know the people have been cooking/drying/roasting them  and eating them for a long time, but...being a potato chip, pretzel and peanut kinda girl, I have avoided these little morsels.  Why ruin a good thing?  So with my more "healthy" eating habits of late, I have been venturing into the wide world of "other foods".  Oh, don't worry, I am still a card carrying member of the chocolate chip cookie club (my bag of Girl Scout Thin Mints are open in front of me as I type) but, I tried something different...something my family refuses to do...and found I truly liked the little soybeans.  I guess they are probably a little healthier than a potato chip (um, probably a LOT!) and I have now tried the WASABI beans (not going to try again), Honey Roasted Beans (YUMMY ) and the plain salted and roasted ones (again, YUM).  They taste just like peanuts to is not so sure....and Quin tried one when I told him it was a peanut....he liked it until I told him otherwise....KIDS!

Other than my new love for different foods I have been busy crafting.  Mostly stuff I cannot share, but four days of busy crafting anyway.  Feels good to get something done and meet ALL MY DEADLINES!  I put in my application for the PAZZLES Design Team again.  They are doing the team a little different this year, so we will see in a few weeks if I get picked again. 

That's all for now.


Carolyn said...

Oh my, I have my eyes covered. That is some kind of tomato, there. LOL

Yes, aren't kid fun with odd foods, not! You should've stuck to the peanut description. You know "Q" is kinda like our Miss Sarah.

Good luck with Pazzles DT.

Rita said...

Look forward to seeing your crafty creations when you can share them!

And goodness -- you're going to have to put a PG-13 rating on this blog...possible R! Tsk tsk...

hee hee...

Suzanna said...

LOL! That tomato is too funny!

I love soybeans!