Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fly Boys

This was the view from our seats in the corporate chalets at the Air show.  Nice view huh?
We walked through the FedEx plane on the grounds.  Hey, Tom Hanks sat in one, why not us, right?  LOL
The guys on the ladder into the hold.
Fat Albert on the approach to the fly-by over the crowd.
And one picture of a Blue Angel formation.

The clouds stayed in the area for the whole show, but we were able to see the Angels fly.  They moved up their fly time because they had cancelled the show from the day before.  About an hour after the Angels finished their show the sky opened up and it poured again for about 45 minutes.  We stuck it out because we had a roof, food, beer and drinks in the chalet....yay for the chalet!  Still, it was quite chilly, so we left a little before the end of the show. 


Jeanne said...

Awesome shots Dawn! We've seen the Angels and they do a great show. Glad the worst of the weather held out for you. Dawn you would have loved my Mojito cupcake, it was so yummy and moist and tasty. MMmmm

Carolyn said...

Look at you! First class seating there, and perfect for those nice up close shots, and by the sounds of it, you got very lucky with the weather.

Yes, it looks like the GP will do fine without Mr. Farve. Wink!

Colors of Me said...

Hey Dawn!!! Love the Blue Angels!!! Great shots!!

Suzanna said...

That looks so fun. Jason has been wanting to go to an air show for so long. Sounds like a great time.

Rita said...

Great photos -- sounds like fun!