Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Equal Time

Quin had a scrimmage last night against a local school.  So, in fairness, I must do a post with his sports too...even though Nick will have more meets then the Mighty Quin. ...I must keep it equal..
Quin is the one with the hands out pushing in the center of the photo, 
in green and NOT laying on the ground.
And here he is almost running off the screen of my camera as I tried to get some shot....but, there he is.  He ended up getting #58 again this season, so that means he is #58 for 3 years....and I think he is pushing for that next year too...we shall see.  They do get first pick next year....he got lucky this year and traded a kid for the number he wanted.

This makes it difficult for me because if I have a pile of photos, I can't go by his number to remember which year it is!!

So, my entire day was spent away from home, but I got my workout in and a good breakfast at Panera.  Who knew they served breakfast?  I had an egg souffle that was quite tasty and pretty filling even though it looked very little on my giant serving tray.  The best part is the fact that they serve CAFFEINE FREE Diet Pepsi!!  Nobody serves caffeine free anything in a diet, so this is super cool!! I prefer Caffeine Free Diet Coke, but this is a nice change from having to drink water or regular Diet Coke..can you say jittery.

We have an Air show this weekend and we have tickets to the chalets....woohoo, aren't we cool?  Two of the The Blue Angels have arrived and are practicing over our house.  The others will arrive on Thursday. 


Jen said...

Great pics, Dawn! I love the first one - you captured a perfect moment.

Carolyn said...

Look at Quinn! Be prepared the scouts are going to be watching this kid in High School! Love the shots!

The new car is going to be here in a little bit, Don is leaving right now to go pick it up. I had to clean out the GP before it took it. It's a bit sad seeing it go. I loved that car.

Well it looks like I can go with you to Panera, but I will take a regular DP. I can handle that caffeine. Many years of practice.
hee hee

Nancy said...

Great football photos. Hope he has a great season.

Jeanne said...

What great shots! Those boys keep you busy with their sports. Isn't that egg souffle delicious? I had one on one of our visits to panera and loved it. We had the Thunderbirds for our air show but the weather didn't cooperate with high enough ceilings.

Rita said...

Your football shots are always so great!

Panera breakfast sounds yummy. I just had dinner there last night for the first time in ages. They had a tasty iced green tea that I think I could easily get addicted to!