Friday, September 26, 2008

Our little trip

The two of us at the Lock & Dam at Alma
The Eagle Center in Wabasha, this is Harriet
Outside the Eagle Center, on the Mississippi.  A little barge going down river.
Our favorite ice cream and cheese place...and they have wine!
On the bluff above Alma.  We have never been up there.  This would be a gorgeous spot when the leaves are turning. We are well ahead of peak for that!

A really nice day to spend together.  We ate lunch in Lake City Minnesota at a restaurant on the shore of Lake Pepin (which is actually the Mississippi river) and we saw our little barge from Wabasha go by, a paddle wheeler launched from our dock spot and a catamaran was skimming around on the lake.  Just beautiful.  And the lunch was delicious.  We had the walleye basket.  yummy!


Jeanne said...

What a beautiful day you had and such great pictures Dawn!

Nancy said...

Sounds like a very nice time the two of you had. WOW twenty years. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Carolyn said...

Ok, after looking at the wedding photo again, can I say Peter looks like Nick. Okay it's a side profile, but look at the body form and hair. hmm Can't deny the Daddy there. LOL

It sure looks like you had a nice time on your trip. Our Alma doesn't look like that. Oh I didn't say I live by a town name Alma.

Like that shot of the barge heading toward the bridge, good shot! Oh and you two are still looking good!

Rita said...

What wonderful photos -- looks like you had a great day!

Shalini said...

Beautiful pictures... sounds like a fun day to me...