Saturday, September 13, 2008


Stanley Meet SHS
Thursday Sept. 11
Temp: 68 degrees and humid
Course: grass, knolls, blacktop and gravel
Time: 18:43
Distance: 3.1 miles
Individual Place: 16th
Team Finish: 2nd
Fall Creek Meet FCHS
Saturday Sept. 13
Temp: 60 degrees and rainy
Course: Grass, a BIG hill, trees and blacktop.
Time: 18:59
Distance 3.1 miles...uphill for over 1 mile!!
Individual Place: 6th
Team Place: 2nd

I still haven't gotten a decent photo of him running. I apparently can get other peoples kids no problem.  I had a hard time taking photos at the run this morning because of the rain.  My poor cameras were covered in rain drops.  I did get a nice photo of all the boys with the trophy this time. I just pushed my way to the front and made the kids stand there while I took the picture.  Pays to be an aggressive that is SO not me!

So in other news for the day, we have eaten out for every single meal today...and I am SO FULL!  Breakfast at Perkins at 8:30, lunch at Quizno's at 12:30 and dinner with my parents at Texas Roadhouse at 4:30.....yikes...I never eat that much in one day.  All of the meals were quite tasty though.

Tomorrow we have the air show but it looks like we will have the same yucky weather as today.  I just heard on the news that todays air show had been cancelled, so we will see how tomorrow goes.  The Blue Angels do not fly if the cloud deck isn't high enough and in lightening (which is not the problem in this case).  We are going to the show regardless, so I will have pix of airplanes tomorrow....will I get them uploaded....maybe.....hehehe


Rita said...

Hope the weather cooperated with you for the airshow! And I think you get great running shots. Mine would probably just be one big blur!

Carolyn said...

Well the weather here is yucky, nothing but rain...rain...rain...I'm sure it's coming from your way, so it's probably not much better there, hope you have your rain gear on.

Tell Nick, nice placement on the races, he's doing really well in his cc racing. Now about photos, are you setting it on the sport action? and are you clicking shots right after one another? You can really pose a runner, must catch the action by lots of clicks. You know I'm such a photographer. LOL

Oh and I'm sure after today's football game, you can understand why I don't root for the Lions. LOL But you have to admit they did scare ya for a minute. hee hee

Hope you have a great week!