Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend in Chicago

I think we have had enough rain for today thank you.....a week straight...and more for today. Not that we can't use it, but seriously, we needed this about a month ago. Now the corn is drowning is water. When the sun does come out today it is going to be SOOO hot!

So over the weekend we were in Chicago (the suburbs actually) and Joel took us to a charity race in St Charles. He wanted to run with Nick in the 5K. Now, normally this is an OK adventure, but we woke up that morning to a thunderstorm so us "non runners" thought there would be no race...HA! So at 7 am we loaded ourselves and a pile of towels and umbrellas into the Exlporer and off we went to find the park...yes, find the park, Joel had never been there before! We got lucky and found it immediately and got the boys signed up for the race which started at 8:30. So far the rain was only spotty but as soon as they called for the 15K runners to line up it started to POUR from the sky. The 8K started about 15 minutes later and then the 5K's got to line up. It was still pouring down, but they took off and we stood there under the umbrellas waiting for the runners to return. And 18 minutes later the first runner was back...and it was Joel, followed a few minutes later by Nick. Nick finished the race in 6th overall and 2nd in his age class. As soon as Nick and Joel got their awards we hopped back in the Explorer and headed back to the house to dry off. We were all soaked. All in all it was an interesting race and hopefully the race in two weeks won't be quite so rainy.
I guess it's time I get to scrappin' this vacation.
Have a scrappy day.

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