Thursday, August 16, 2007

Three dudes and a lady...

A little run down of the long weekend in Moline/Chicago.


We left Eau Claire in our little truck and headed down the scenic river roads along the Mississippi River. We stopped at a few Lock & Dams to watch the barges go through. We decided to call this the "Dam Trip to Moline"..LOL...There are some beautiful spots on that drive. They even stopped long enough to let me shop at the La Crosse Hobby Lobby (yay). Of course, they stopped at Cabelas in Prarie Du's a MAN trip after all. Once we reached Dubuque we were on the interstate and it got pretty boring, but it went fast and we hit the Quad Cities around 5pm. The bridges are amazing and the views are gorgeous. Lots of river boats to be seen. We did a quick check in and then did a little exploring. The hotel was well located for our needs. Right across the street from the John Deere Pavillion with the Mississippi river behind the hotel (along with the bike/walk path) and several eateries within walking distance. We found a nice little Mexican restaurant to have supper at and then we headed back to the hotel for some lounging and swimming.

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