Saturday, August 18, 2007

Photos and things

Seems like summer started a few days ago and now we are grinding down to the start of school. I suppose it does not help that the weather this past week has been very non-summerlike. Makes me think of getting out the sweaters and long pants. Quin started football this week and Nick starts his cross country training next week, another sure sign of fall. The good news is that the sun is going to return (they promised) by this weekend. Good thing because the grass has grown with all this rain we have gotten. Sadly, the state is still in a draught because we are 5 inches below normal on rainfall, in our area anyway. Towns just 40 miles to the south are flooding and people are dying and losing their homes. A sad situation.

After uploading all the photos from the trip to Iowa/Illinois I noticed that I am in 10 photos out of 365...which is actually pretty good....but most of them are blurry. I found one really good one (the one above) but I am sharing the frame with a donkey... a cute one, but a donkey no less! I happened to enjoy the petting zoo. The boys are "too old, too cool" to hang out with the tiny critters, but I think secretly Quin wanted to come in with me. You just can't help wanting to pet cute little versions of farm animals. The pigs were the littlest piggies I have ever seen. Of course, the bunny was the biggest (bigger than the pigs) that I have ever seen.
That's it for me today.
Have yourselves a productive day....or just lay around and do nothing....that sounds better.

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