Wednesday, August 8, 2007

CHA, the first trip!

Let me begin with my trip to CHA summer...AWESOME! I have been wanting to go for, well, it feels like forever, and I finally got to go this July. I would totally go again in a heartbeat! I loved seeing all the manufacturers in one place and doing the fun make-and-takes and meeting some of my Cyber pals. That was the best part. I don't care how nasty and jaded some of the people in this industry are getting, there are still genuine people out there who scrap. I was lucky enough to meet up with a few of them on this trip.

I also got to do a little driving downtown, something I have never done...and I didn't do too bad either. When we headed downtown on the 190 I got tired of driving in the stop and go traffic and decided to hit the next exit (6 exits before my GOOGLE directions told me to) and where did we end up?....right in front of OPRAH's studio! After a quick photo shoot in front of the sign we hopped in the car and drove into the city. We went past a lot of cool looking buildings and under the "L" and, well, all over. We ended our drive at the Navy Pier and cruised around there for a while, getting supper at the "Twisted Lizard" and watching the sun go down on the city (and got lots of great shots). Our trip back to the hotel was a bit more interesting. When we left the parking ramp we could see the fireworks in the sky over Navy Pier, so I drove back over so the girls could see it. Then we tried to find our link to the interstate....not an easy task....they apparently don't want you to leave....we drove down Wacker Ave and found a movie crew shooting a movie!! Not sure of the film just yet, but we will find out. Cruised past the SEARS tower and on to Adams Ave (which is where GOOGLE told me to go) which was supposed to link me to the interstate...NOT! I drove down Adams Ave for a while and...I am not sure...but I think we drove past a drug deal going down.....I went a little faster through there and headed back toward the city, found the exit and got back on the road. Whew, it was a blast.

Hope your day finds you scrappin'

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