Sunday, September 2, 2007

Buckshot run...I survived!

Family photo....looks like a Christmas shot, no?

We did the Buckshot Run (a charity walk/run for Special Olympics) yesterday and we all survived. Nick (in red) actually ran the race and finished 3rd in his age group, not sure about the overall placement. Uncle Joel finished 1st in his age group and 6th overall. Quin (white hat) finished ahead of Aunt Kim, they both did a walk/run/jog thing. And Peter and I did the walk walk thing....very little running. I even did a little hop and twirl at the finish line....just for gave the crowd a laugh. Unfortunately my niece got a photo of it and she will be sending that along as soon as she gets time to upload and send it to me. That was our Saturday in a nutshell because after that I was too tired to do anything. With all the family in town, we did a lot of sitting around and yakking, so that was OK by me!

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

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