Friday, January 16, 2009

Think Spring?

If I think about this....
...will THIS go away?

Ok, morning temps here are -27....yes, MINUS TWENTY-SEVEN DEGREES.....with windchill we are talking a negative 35.  Fabulous morning to be out and about wouldn't you say?

Well, the kids are off today because of the cold, but I am off to work.  I better bundle up.  The good news is that the temps will rebound later this afternoon to almost 5 above.  That will be NICE!

Nothing much else happening in this world of mine.  Keeping up with the work blogs and such and that's about it.  I just joined facebook, but haven't had much time there either.

Keep warm people.


Carolyn said...

I got the day-off because of this weather today. Of course I had made it to work this morning before I knew I was going to have it off. grrr. LOL

Now I just got up from returning to bed, and I think I might take a road trip. Hope you had a good day at work.

Jeanne said...

Gak! And I thought our -11 this morning was hard to take. You're right Dawn spring will be here before we know it. LOL

Nancy said...

It is just too darn cold everywhere. I saw on the news they closed the ice skating rinks in Chicago because it was too cold. All I say is BBBBBRRRRRR
I like your flowers and I'm ready for spring.

joni said...

I'm ready for Spring!!!! It hasn't been too cold here so I can't complain.....I just joined FB myself!Stay warm!!!

Rita said...

Brrrr -- negative 27 -- holy cow!

My kids have a snow day today and it's 20 degrees. But there is snow and ice on the ground, and the ice makes it hard for the school buses to travel since we have so many hills and mountains around us. Coming from Illinois though, it always cracks me up when we have a snow day here and there is barely any precipitation.