Thursday, January 8, 2009

Screen shots

NO, I am not posting any screen shots of myself, but I got to chat online with a pal the other day and it was so nice to see and chat at the same time...of course, I was not looking to lovely, but she's used to

The hard part is not being able to move around while chatting, you have to actually sit there.  OH, well, maybe I could incorperate some scrappin' and chatting somehow.  At least I will be hands free chatting!!


Carolyn said...

I say plan a scrap/chat date, soon!

Shalini said...

Hi! Dawn, Happy New Year... lots to catch up on your blog...
I'm going to put your thought about women on my blog, if thats okay with you..

Nancy said...

I have a web cam but it sure don't get much use LOL.
DH does use his to chat with a friend from England. How cool.
Enjoy your chat.