Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hard to tell from this photo (which is the point) how bad this bathroom looks, but, trust me, it looks much better now.  I just don't have a photo of it yet.  I am not quite done decorating.  I only had to live with a mess for a month but that was OK with me.  I just wanted to get that shower out of the room so I could see how much room we really were going to have when it was all out.  Who knew what we might find behind those walls??  I am still not sure!  And we are not done with the remodel, but this will do until we finish the other walls later.  Everything is in place and working for now, so happiness abounds.

 A nice photo of the new bathroom will follow soon......

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Carolyn said...

Oh I have been here....but I think yours went faster then the remodel job that happen here. Can't wait to see the finish room.