Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shooting the moon

So, the other thing I did over my little Christmas vacation was shoot a commercial for the store.  I was just supposed to do a voice over for the whole commercial (at least that was what I agreed to anyway) but when the team showed up they wanted me miked up and walking and talking at the same time!!!  YIKES, are you nuts....I didn't learn any lines!!

So, that is me (in green) with my mike in my back pocket getting my "directions" on how I was to perform my stunt and say my lines.
Hopefully I can get a copy of it posted later when it is ready, but if not I will walk you through it....maybe.


Jeanne said...

How cool is that! Hope you can share the finished project. Dawn's a star!

Carolyn said...

Can I have an autograph?

Cheezy Grinning here....hee hee