Monday, August 25, 2008

Treading water

Somebody (ahem ...Carolyn) convinced me I needed this particular punch from FISKARS.  During our training class at FISKARS on Saturday, Nikki told us that they had finally gotten caught up with all the backorders on this particular punch and they were readily available at stores again.  They had NOT anticipated how popular this punch was going to be and were not prepared for it.

So, on stop two after our visit to the FISKARS HQ we found a little scrapbook store, which I just happened to have a 40% off coupon for.  I printed out 3 coupons for us and two of us snagged the Treading Water punch...yippeee.

Since we had driven so far, there was no reason not to check out as many things as we could in Madison.  So our first stop after class was at Hobby Lobby.  Our closest HL is 90 miles away, so this is a treat to have one a mile away from our destination.  Stop two was to the Scrapbooking Superstore where I got my Treading water punch and we ran into MAYA who was shopping too.  Stop three involved the Archivers (we have to check out the competition) and small purchases from there..which involved using my coupons for free cardstock and some hot spot buys.  WE have WAY more stuff than both the Superstore and the Archivers.  Stop Four and five involved food.  We found a Mexican grill which was right next to a Starbucks...hmmm.  The Mexican grill was called Panchero's and when we walked in the door it was just like Chipotle and Burracho's.  The only difference was they actually made the tortilla fresh.  They had these little dough balls and when you ordered a burrito (which I did) they stuck the little ball in the squisher machine and flattened it out.  Then they peeled it off and put it on the grill to cook...OMG, this smelled SO GOOD.  What a difference that made.  It was delicious.  And their guacamole was fabulous.  Next we headed to Starbucks for a drink for the, I just drank my Diet Coke because I don't like coffee.  Stop six was for cheap gas, only $3.69.  And then stop seven for CHOCOLATE.  
This is a larger photo of the CHOCOLATE shop we stopped at outside of Baraboo (near Wisconsin Dells)...and across the street from the Ho Chunk Casino.  I didn't buy any "Cow Pies" but they are really tasty.  It is basically a caramel turtle but really really large, probably 3-4 inches across. 

And that's the trip in a nutshell.


Jen said...

That sounds like an awesome trip - and you got some "ME" time along with all the fun. Way to go!

Nancy said...

what a fun day, always like a road trip with the girls. Sounds like fun and lunch sounds great.
Love the punch!

Carolyn said...

Now that was a really fun trip, aren't you happy you went on it? I know you are.. hee hee Love that punch, isn't it worth getting, wink!
Oh nothing beats homemade tortilla shells, lucky girl and you got some good guacamole. yum!

Rita said...

What a fun trip! Why didn't you invite me??? (hee hee...)

I have that punch and love it -- I found it at our Target! I've heard they are impossible to find, so when I saw it I snatched it right up.

Mmmmm...cow pies sound entirely too yummy! And you are the second blog I've visited today with talk of Mexican food...I am so darn hungry now! LOL