Friday, August 22, 2008

Taking a trip

I am heading to Fiskars HQ tomorrow!  I am going to become a Certified FISKARS Demonstrator.  I have been wanting to become a CFD since I found out it was even an option.  Thank goodness Carolyn keeps me informed of things going on in my area....what would I do without sitting in my living room watching TV all day that's what.    Stephenie from Fiskars is planning to visit the store some time this fall and I was hoping to get more info on tools and things.  Maybe she will be there as well.  If not, I get to learn on some cool new tools first hand.

That is my exciting news for the day.

I have been fairly creative the last few days....I have them posted at the Scraparita site if you want to look.  I only post one a day....makes it looks like I actually keep up with my  The fact that you can set the posts to post at any time you want is awesome.

More tomorrow after my return from HQ in Madison.


Rita said...

How cool! Hope you are enjoying yourself today in Madison!

Jen said...

Congratulations on becoming a CFD! Hope everything is going well on your trip today!!