Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday things

Another photo from the long weekend we had with family.  The poor kittens were tortured for a few hours a day by the little girls.  They seemed to accept the holding and playing, but they are not used to being held for quite so long...and being kittens, they have "things to do".  So they escaped often, which led to a chase and more fun.  Good times for the whole crew.

My Thursday didn't go as planned.  My oil change turned into a quest for righting some wrongs....why does it end up this way with my car??  The oil change itself was fine, but the tire rotation was not.  Apparently when I had one tire fixed after a flat it was mounted wrong....duh, the tires have "outside" imprinted right on the tire....(not that I knew this until it was pointed out to me)...but as a TIRE STORE employee, you would think this would be an IMPORTANT thing to notice!  So, from the oil change place I had to run to the tire change place.  A one stop errand turned into 7....and I didn't even get my fun errands done while I was out and about, just boring household stuff.  I am not a happy camper!  Now I have to wait another 5 days for my Granola and Corn Jacks from the whole foods store.  I did buy a little consolation item to make myself feel better....I will post my new projects with the toys in a few days on the SCRAPARITA blog.  I have made 4 cards since I got home.


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Carolyn said...

I had to actually leave the comfy of my home to run errands yesterday too, and I had the house all to myself. grr ... LOL

Sorry to hear about your unexpected error, that really bites!

Cute picture of the kitty, it won't be long and we'll have some of those little things running around here. Our adopted outside/barn cat looking a bit big.