Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday Night Lights

And a rainy night ta' boot
My little guy (who isn't so little) is #58 and towards the top of the photo played in his 3rd official game for the season.  They won again against my alma mater.  A few of the kids on the other team are kids of people I went to school with, but with the weather being so yucky, I didn't get a chance to check out the other side.  We hunkered down under the rear door of my PT Cruiser with plenty of rice krispie bars and popcorn.  It was dry and we had the tunes going.  A PT Cruiser is a nice little party wagon when you need it. Flip the seats down and hook up the tailgate table....and you are set to enjoy the night....even if it is raining!  We had a few people stop by and ask if we had anything "good" in

And I usually don't have stuff to say about the other child...the running one...but he was mentioned in the paper, so I figured I had better link the online version to the blog.  I will probably copy it to another blog link so I can keep it, but for now it is available HERE.  It's kinda cool.  He gets mentioned in the paper each week under the "PREP" scores when he competes, so this is a little "extra" mention for the team.

So that is what I am up to right now.  I have one project that needs to go out, otherwise I am trying to keep up with the kids.


Carolyn said...

Nice shot!

I'll have to go read the news clip, no time right now, work is calling.

Hope your having a good week! We seen the rain yesterday, and I had enough of that. LOL Didn't have the party PT cruiser to keep me dry. hee hee

Jen said...

I LOVE that picture! Great job! The rain doesn't sound all that fun, though. :( Congrats on N's mention in the paper!!