Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Football night.  Q (also known as #58) had a hard game Tuesday night.  They had their first loss.  We have to lose a few to learn right?  They didn't think so!  It was good for them and hopefully will make them work a little harder for the next, and last, game.  Weather was on our side.  Nice and chilly but dry.  It started raining on the drive home, so we escaped that one.
Cross Country too. Finally a good pose...but a blurry shot...i just can't WIN!  But N can.  Well, he got 7th place and the Team took a 1st again, so they are on track for State.  N's goal from the beginning of the season was to break into the 17's by this meet and he got a 17:38.  Last week he had been running 18:00 and 18:01....major change!  This was a flat course (so the kids said) and it was an "easy" run...easy for them to

Ok, as usual, that is all I am doing besides some crafting.  I have updated the crafty blog with a few new goodies.

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Carolyn said...

Goodness, those boys are having a great year. Tell Quin not to worry about that lost, he'll have a great last game. Tell Nick congrats on the nice time, he got in this last race. I'm tell ya watch out Senior year... will have to borrow Tony's nickname and call him "smoke."