Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday in the swamp

So apparently all I post about these days is Football and Cross Country.
Well, that is all I do besides work!

Nick had a meet yesterday afternoon down at my old high school.  It was a pretty nice afternoon, a little chilly and windy but sunny.  Nick had a 6th place overall finish in this race and the team took another 1st place trophy home.

And, as you can see by the photo, I am still trying to get a good photo of him running.  This was probably the best place to do so, with the sun out and the runners spread out,  I couldn't center it at all, and Peter is in the background of this one.  This is the final sprint to the finish line.


Jen said...

I like this picture! He looks like he's really concentrating on what he's doing.

Carolyn said...

Now, now girlie! At least you have great shots of the boys and their sports. As I like to call them real photographs. See your going to look back at them and remember that day. Now if you had that statute pose, you won't have the same feelings about that day. See now why the photo is perfect. Plus look you have Peter in the shot too.

Rita said...

I like this photo with Nick running and Peter watching proudly in the background -- it's great!