Saturday, April 25, 2009

The stash

This isn't even all of it, it just didn't fit in one photo.  I got two paper packs too.  One is Flames with checker flag on the back and the other is a floral design with burgundy stripes on the back.
It is really difficult to show just how much stuff I came home with from the FISKARS warehouse sale....but I tried.  Everything was a buck.  $1.  100 cents.

Now, some of this stuff I am thinking to myself, "what am I going to do with 6 of everything I buy"....but then, the retail cost on most of that is WELL over a dollar. I tried to shop with that in mind.  Afterall, alphabets never have enough letters (so I bought two I have  I did get things I thought I would most use, like brads (in cute little tins mind you!..I got three different colors...6 of each...what was I thinking??) and the fabric flowers (should have gotten more of those....grrr) and the alphas (should have bought more of the "flame" letters now that I think about it....because 6 packages just won't be enough!) Now the cute brads with designs on top are also giving me fits about the fact that I should have picked up a few more....gotta get over that feeling...I KNOW I have plenty!!

So that is my haul...just thought I would show you.  It fills two grocery bags and cost me $36.  Not bad huh?


Jeanne said...

Holy freakin' Moly! That is some stash you got Dawn. What a bargin!

Jen said...

Wow! What a haul! I'm totally jealous that we don't live close enough to go to that sale!

Jayne said...

Holy crap you got a buttload of great stuff!!! Hot dog!!!

Nancy said...

Holy cow that is the bomb!!! I'm so jealous! Great deals is always the best time to buy buy buy.