Monday, December 22, 2008

A quick Hello.

Hello bloggie friends.  I am here, I just don;t have time to drop a story...but I will share some tidbits of my last few weeks.

My niece is doing well, she is currently 2lbs 11 ounces....coming along great.

All my shopping is done for Christmas, and all is wrapped, and cookies are prepared....not baked, but ready to heat and eat which is as good as done if you ask me!

Work is busy for me.  I am working a lot of late and it keeps me hopping.  I just wish it was a bit busier at the store, but we are plugging along and keeping our spirits up.  People love to shop in fun places and we make it so.

I must say one last thing...something I thought I would never say....Wal-mart really impressed me this weekend.  I ordered a Wii for X-mas (after discovering that it was NOT even possible to get one in stores unless I was willing to hang out in the cold in line with people in the hopes of being one of the lucky ones to be there when they arrived on a given day at certain stores)...anyway....I happened to be looking for the elusive "gift for myself" one day...just on the off chance they would be in stock.....and there they were!  So, order I did (with reluctance) last Thursday evening with the promise of a Christmas delivery.  Not caring if it arrived on Christmas, I ordered anyway.  It arrived in the AM on Saturday.  Holy Moley....I  think it arrived in less than 30 hours from the time I ordered it.....awesome!  Props to the WallyWorld.

Ok, so hopefully I can keep up here, but no promises, I have a ton of family coming in to visit in the next few days and I am gonna be a busy bee.  

Hope all your Christmas wishes come true and your stockings are full of margaritas...whatever works for you....hehehe


Jeanne said...

Hey girl glad you checked in! Good to hear your niece is doing well, that's a blessing. This tough economy makes it hard for little specialty stores. Hang in there. A very Merry Christmas Dawn, hope all your Christmas wishes come true.

Carolyn said...

Merry Christmas to you & the family!!!

chat very soon, but before I go, awesome wally shopping!

Jayne said...

Happy 2009!!!

Rita said...

Hope things are slowing down a bit for you! Happy New Year -- I wish you all the best in 2009!!