Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I am NOT a huge fan of Monster Trucks, but FREE tickets to the show.... minus the dollars spent on food, gas and was a good time.  This is "Escalade" during the "race" portion of the show.
Peter and I enjoying a little of the show.  A little margarita goes a long way.
"Grave Digger"...during the "FREESTYLE" part of the show....just before crashing to the ground and breaking a wheel off and running into "Escalade".
Grace Digger was parked just in front of our seats (and down 20 rows).  During the Pre-Show parade the driver crashed the truck onto its side and into "Batman".  Grave Digger's pit team spent the entire race getting the truck ready for the Freestyle show.

Those are my big exciting days.  


Jeanne said...

I'm not a monster truck fan really but I've heard of Gravedigger. So cool you got to see it and you got some very cool shots Dawn!

Carolyn said...

GD is always breaking a wheel and crashing. I think he enjoys it! LOL

Nice candid shot of you two enjoying the show.

Jayne said...

I've only been to one show, but we did have fun and it was a bit exciting. The seats we had were great but they were right near where they started so the fumes were kinda overwhelming.....cute photo of you and the hubby!