Sunday, April 6, 2008

What a weekend!

It has been gorgeous! You cannot beat that kind of weather in April. I think it was almost 60 yesterday. Too bad I had to work.
I went shopping with the girls on Friday. We headed to the Cities (Minneapolis/St Paul) for a little retail therapy. First stop Bruegers Bagels in Woodbury. My friends swear by there yummy bagels, so we stopped. Second stop, IKEA, one of my favorite stores. I have never been to the one in MPLS but I go to the Chicago one a lot. I got myself a few doo-dads for the kitchen and then a really nice heavy cast iron grill pan. I am so excited to get that seasoned and in use! We had a quick snack for lunch in the food area. They had a really nice looking Buffalo Chicken wrap we all tried and, since we were celebrating my Birthday on this trip, I got us a piece of chocolate cake to enjoy. OMG! It was SOOOO yummy! It looked like it was going to be a thick, super rich and heavy piece of cake, but when you took a bite it was light and fluffy and OH SO GOOD! Just the right amount of chocolate sweet and bitter. It was the BEST cake I have had in like, forever.
Our next stop was to the Mall of America (right across the street from IKEA) and a little visit to the Archivers. I only spent $10!! We have way more then Archivers I get a discount. I am not as excited about Archivers as I used to be. I had coupons, so it was worth the visit.
We zoomed down the road to Edina for a stop at P. F. Changs for dinner. That was delish as well! The Kung Pao Chicken was the best I have ever had. We do NOT have good Chinese or Japanese cuisine at home. This was a real treat. And the Jade Martini (rum, Midori and pineapple juice) was yummmmmm as well! After dinner we cruised the Mall (Galleria or Southdale...I can't remember). We went down to Marshalls and had one of those fun "girl shopping" moments....taking totally outrageous clothes off the racks and trying them on....too much fun. Lets just say that Leopard print is apparently back in.....NOT! I stopped Godiva Chocolates for a little treat on the way out. I bought 6 truffles....that will get me through the week..only one per
Next stop (you can't go home before 10pm....its a girls day out for goodness sake) we went to Joann's back in Woodbury. We found NOTHING to buy. So we drove over to Trader Joe's (which is a store I have never been to) and did a little grocery shopping...that was fun! They have interesting foods and are relatively inexpensive too. I got a jar of roasted red and yellow peppers for $2...a nice big jar too. They looked so yummy (and a lot less work then I would have to do) so I got two jars.
Then we headed for home. It was a really nice day away. Very relaxing.

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