Friday, November 30, 2007

My other job....

The girls at work thought it would be a good idea for me to take a photo of myself with my first check from the PAZZLES design team (All the info is blurred out to protect the innocent). So today I finally cashed my little $5 check and thought I had better take a quick photo. Now, I was not planning to do this. I figured it seemed kinda silly, after all, it's only for shipping our projects back to the company. But, it is proof, that someone out there, other than my friends and family, thinks that my creations are worth looking at...and I am not talking about putting together paper and embellies (that is part of it), but creating the computer files to make those embellies and dimensional's that thousands of others will be purchasing to use with their machines. Now, the reality is that after three years of using the machine at work, there are hundreds of pieces of "me" in a scrapbook somewhere in the world. World I say, because I know some of my designs have been shipped to people in other countries (the cut paper versions, not the computer files.) I know of a few title cuts that reside in Michigan too! OK, so long story short, I am creating and getting paid for my "intellectual property" and it's pretty darn cool!

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